Here's how it works...

A coach isn't an expert, a therapist, or a friend - a coach is a partner. An equal. One who has been trained in a particular type of speaking and listening.

My approach is uniquely styled to each individual client, but has a basis in two things:

  1. Results - you will set goals and create projects around them
  2. Being - you will fundamentally shift who you are Being in your life

I can't promise you that anything will change, because it will rely heavily on you taking action on what we discuss each week. But here is what I can promise you:

  • I will always see you as your highest self, even when you lose sight of it.
  • I will hold you accountable to your word.
  • I will offer what I see from sincerity and love, even if it makes us both uncomfortable.
  • I will say the thing you need to hear.
  • I will stand for you to create results that seem impossible.

My Qualifications

I've been trained by the world's finest Life Coach and Leadership Training Program, Accomplishment Coaching. As a graduate, I now train coaches and leaders every month in Washington, DC with that program. I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. I have a coach I speak with weekly and am constantly working on my own projects and looking deeply at who I am Being in my own life.

Logistics and Fees

I coach my clients on a weekly basis for one hour at a time (4x per month), but you're also able to contact me at any time throughout the month for support as needed. I keep my 1-on-1 client base small so that I am able to make myself available as much as possible.

My fees aren't listed here, and that's actually intentional. The reason is because if I had known my coach's fee prior to talking to her, I never would have gotten on the phone. I would still be in a loveless relationship, unaware of how unhappy I was, constantly living paycheck to paycheck, and generally unsatisfied with my life. It wasn't until I spoke to (and deeply connected with) my coach that I realized this was what I wanted and needed. From there, the money was just another logistical piece to figure out (and I didn't have a lot at the time, but once I could clearly see what I wanted, I got my ass in gear and made it work).

Without being present to the value coaching will bring, any fee is too high. Let's have a call and see if we connect before talking through logistics. Click the button below to fill out an application...