here's how it works

A coach isn't an expert, a therapist, or a friend - a coach is a partner. An equal. One who has been trained in a particular type of speaking and listening.

My approach is uniquely styled to each individual client, but has a basis in two things:

  1. Results - you will set goals and create projects around them
  2. Being - you will fundamentally shift who you are Being in your life

I can't promise you that anything will change, because it will rely heavily on you taking action on what we discuss each week. But here is what I can promise you:

  • I will always see you as your highest self, even when you lose sight of it.
  • I will hold you accountable to your word.
  • I will offer what I see from sincerity and love, even if it makes us both uncomfortable.
  • I will say the thing you need to hear.
  • I will stand for you to create results that seem impossible.

My Qualifications

I've been trained by the world's finest Life Coach and Leadership Training Program, Accomplishment Coaching. As a graduate, I now train coaches and leaders every month in Washington, DC with that program. I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. I have a coach I speak with weekly and am constantly working on my own projects and looking deeply at who I am Being in my own life.


Let's have a sample coaching session before we talk logistics. I want you to experience coaching and to have a profound difference made for you before we discuss working together ongoingly.  It's complimentary and has no strings attached. You simply cannot commit to this process before feeling the impact one session can have on you. There is so much you don't know yet about how coaching could benefit your life, so come and find out. Ready? Hit the button below.