For as long as I can remember, music has been my greatest passion. I remember sneaking into my oldest sister's bedroom to watch MTV, because I wasn't allowed and I could never get my cable box to change channels fast enough if my Mom walked in on me. I have a very vivid memory of singing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You -as quietly as possible- in my sisters room, crouched next to her television. I wanted to be on that TV. I wanted my own music videos. And I knew that I would have them one day, I was just sure of it.

Thanks goodness for YouTube. After majoring in Filmmaking in college, I had everything I needed to get going, without having to wait around to "be discovered" as I always assumed I would need to. In 2006 I started my first YouTube channel with the username Smush21. Smush was my nickname, 21 my birthdate, it was the obvious choice. On that channel, I created what I now refer to as the pent up frustration of many years of singing into a hairbrush for the four walls of my bedroom. 



In 2012, I was approached to join a pop punk band called Igloos, to replace the lead singer who had just left. Never having written or sang any original songs, I was excited for the challenge... and completely terrified, of course.

It was an amazing experience for me, and I learned a TON about creative partnerships and how to find your own voice. The band split up after two years when we realized we weren't all on the same page about what the future would hold, but I'm extremely grateful for everything I learned during that time. Not the least of which was this fabulous giant bun hairstyle invented for Igloos, but which lives on...