Just going with the flow of life, but secretly feeling like you SHOULD “have it all figured out” by now?

Constantly comparing your life to the lives of those around you?

Judging what you have and have not yet accomplished?


Well here's my question for you...


One of the things I love most about the Doctor is his ability to move through life with unlimited spontaneity. That’s why I designed a workshop for those of us who would like to live our lives more like him!


More spontaneity.

More confidence.

More fun.

And all without the guilt of having destroyed your entire race!

WHAT: A live online video workshop using themes and examples from Doctor Who

WHERE: The Internet!

WHEN: Sunday December 20th - 10-11:30am EST

(Workshop recording available to anyone who can't attend live - listen at your leisure!) 


After this WORKSHOP you will:

  • Have a new perspective on how you approach your future

  • See a path forward without rigid planning

  • Have tools to create goals in a whole new way

  • Feel a sense of confidence about your ambitions and choices




After you make your payment, you will be sent an email receipt. Once you receive that, you are in! You'll get a follow-up email with details on how to log on to the call once registration closes on December 12th.


This is for you if:

  • you hate having rigid structure in your life

  • you want to feel more purposeful about your future

  • you are done comparing yourself to others

  • you’re up for trying new things... for adventure

  • you LOVE Doctor Who


This is not for you if:

  • you love to complain and argue

  • you just want to stay the same: miserable

  • you don't like challenges

  • you are looking for a magic solution requiring no work on your end

  • you hate fun


Praise for my previous workshops:

"I have always felt unique in my habit of self-sabotaging my creative process. It was surreal to hear that other creatively-minded people experience the same challenges I do. I'm so pleased to have been a part of it!"

- Tammy Greynolds, Creative Geek at letter + lamb 

"After Michelle’s Screw the Rules workshop, I instantly put all of the insights I gained into action, creating an accountability structure that has allowed me to focus just as much -if not more- time on my creative pursuits as my client’s projects."

Devlin Madden-Perdue, Graphic Designer

This workshop is full of nifty little life hacks and fun, original techniques that will make working on your to-do list SO much more effective." 

— Marc Kaysen, Luxemburg

Mentally, we all have too many tabs open. Michelle's workshop helps you to close some of those tabs to free up your mental bandwidth, so you can focus on creating awesome things in the world!" 

— Ricky Anderson, Video Producer -

Declutter Your Brain is full of action-based tools that helped me drop the guilt about my to-do list, and pick up the power to develop myself into a better leader and mother." 

— Denise Wreford, Business Owner & Mom