A 1.5 hour virtual workshop audio download

(live workshop took place on 10/10/15 - download and listen to the audio and follow along!)



Nearly every creative person I know struggles with the same thing: CONSISTENCY


We hear it over and over again from best selling authors and Huffpo articles… the key to success in your creative endeavors is consistency. Create on a schedule! Do the work every day! Because you should! But consistency doesn’t come naturally to us, and so we say...



But look… being inconsistent isn’t your deficiency, it’s a symptom of a larger issue. A cough. A swelling. A redness of the skin.

That you can’t seem to stay consistent says nothing about who you are. You’re simply missing a key element to your own unique creative process. 


In my “Screw the Rules” virtual workshop, you will discover what that missing piece is for you. You’ll walk away ready to move forward with your creative projects with a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration.


"After Michelle’s Screw the Rules workshop, I instantly put all of the insights I gained into action, creating an accountability structure that has allowed me to focus just as much -if not more- time on my creative pursuits as my client’s projects."

Devlin Madden-Perdue, Graphic Designer


"I have always felt unique in my habit of self-sabotaging my creative process. It was surreal to hear that other creatively-minded people experience the same challenges I do. I'm so pleased to have been a part of it!"

- Tammy Greynolds, Creative Geek at letter + lamb

"I had been in a creative "funk" for quite some time. Michelle helped me expose and uncover obstacles that were keeping me from creating on a consistent basis."

-Douglass Hoover, Visual Artist www.douglashooverstudios.com