Do you have a project you’re looking to get off the ground?

Maybe you're in a transition and not sure where to go next?

Or have you just been in a slump for a while and need a boost forward?


Spend an hour speaking with me.

Walk away inspired and clear on what’s next.


1 hour session - $135


“Michelle has an innate ability to hone right in on what you need to hear, even when you’re completely convinced you need to hear something entirely different. ”

— Sarah Park, CA


I typically only work with coaching clients on a long-term basis, so this is a unique offer and it will only be available until April 18th.


We only need an hour to make a huge difference for you, so let’s do this.


After you book, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to make your payment.


“I can’t remember feeling this consistently excited and happy about where my life is going.”

— Carlos Maza, Washington, DC

“Having Michelle as my coach has changed - and will continue to change - the way that I live my life, forever!”

— Maria Collins, BC