Michelle has an innate ability to hone right in on what you need to hear, even when you’re completely convinced you need to hear something entirely different.
— Sarah Park, CA
Having Michelle as my coach has changed - and will continue to change - the way that I live my life, forever!
— Maria Collins, BC
I love having Michelle in my life!!! Trying to absorb all the “self help” info in the world could not help me get where I am today without her by my side.
— Vicki Linter, Hawaii
Thank you for helping me get the life I WANT!
— Jess Phillips, Melbourne Australia
Michelle is a fantastic coach... and a living breathing example of what it looks like to live your dreams.
— Ricky Anderson II, TX
I can’t remember feeling this consistently excited and happy about where my life is going.
— Carlos Maza, Washington, DC
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m finally allowing everyone around me to see my true light and the gifts I have to offer.
— Andrew Davies, Australia
Michelle Akin was born to be a coach.
— Jim Hopkinson, NYC